Javier Daza

Hi, I'm Javier!

As a programmer I've always thought that our way of life has only one purpose, and that is to provide solutions that improve quality of life for us and the future generations.

Helping others is my passion, it's what makes me wake up every day and keep striving to set, and surpass, my goals.

I take responsibly the challenges and projects to which I dedicate my time.

I am resourceful. Always looking different approaches to help me solve coding challenges.

As a self-taught, I learned on my own the basic Japanese language theory.

I persevere until I reach my goals. My philosophy of life is to never give up.


I am a person who is willing to help others, diligent, proactive, responsible, persevering, recursive, willing to face new challenges. I posses skills in team management, assertiveness, training in computer tools and conflict management. I am self-taught by nature, and thus, I like to learn something new every day.


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