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As a programmer I've always thought that our way of life has only one purpose, and that is to provide solutions that improve quality of life for us and the future generations. Helping others is my passion, it's what makes me wake up every day and keep striving to set, and surpass, my goals.

I am a person who is willing to help others, diligent, proactive, responsible, persevering, recursive, willing to face new challenges. I posses skills in team management, assertiveness, training in computer tools and conflict management. I am self-taught by nature, and thus, I like to learn something new every day.

Willing to help others I organize and facilitate a Python meetup called Python Barranquilla, where beginners can start networking and become familiar with programming. Also, when i have time, write blog posts in a personal website related to how to learn Japanese and Japanese culture.

Latest Projects

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Fintegra - Web App

Fintegra was developed thinking about 2 types of loans, credit and factoring. A series of stages were created to request information from applicants, each with its own rules. In addition, an implementation was made for getting data of a third-party service through SOAP for the identity verification of the applicants.

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Planos - Web App

This real state web app made in Django has multiple filters that allows the users to find an apartment or a house, according to their needs. Also has a friendly admin panel that allows the admin to post new places and tagging then on Google Maps. Currently the company is inactive but i hold an example of the website to show in my portfolio.

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Fundación La Cueva - Website and CMS

This website is a CMS (Content Management System) platform using Django that helps the administrator of the site to manage the content of the website. It can upload images, edit content on the header, footer, and also make blog posts.

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Vanzare - Point of SaleOpen Source

Python/Django application built for a small agency. Makes daily and monthly reports, also has a database for clients, products, expenses, opening and closing of the cash desk.

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Other Projects

PyBAQ - Lektor WebSite Open Source

I am one of the maintainers for all the repos open source repos created in Python Barranquilla. Talking about the website, my contributions are mainly about content, CSS, HTML, among others.

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Quizzes App - Made with Material Design

This web app made in Django, uses a quiz app to test the user in a variety of questions in japanese grammar. It is intended to be responsive. Uses Material Design.

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GoCargo - WebApp & WebService

Developed a web application using the Symfony framework in PHP for managing truck, driver and routes information. Also this web app serves for an Android application and also sends information to a third party app of the government.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer - WeKnow Inc (2019 - 2020)

I was working on the Ubitown project with technologies like Django, graphQL and Flutter for mobile. In this project I also did a lot of web scraping and handling of a lot of data. Additionally I worked on a other projects using ReactJS, Gatsby and AWS.

Freelance Software Engineer - (2017 - 2019)

For NeWAY Capital, I was in charge of the support of a platform that connects investors with entrepreneurs. On the other hand, worked with the team of Ebenezer Techs to develop an API REST consumed by a frontend app built with ReactJS and Redux. One of my main lessons has been learning to be a Fullstack developer.

Software Engineer - Piensa Labs (2016)

Principally working on geospatial web applications in Python and Django. Maintaining a monolithic application for the World Food Programme of the United Nations.

Junior Web Developer - Technisupport S.A.S (2014 - 2015)

Working on different web apps in PHP, basically using the framework Symfony and also Wordpress. Work consisted on developing new apps, maintaining old ones, building web APIs and websites.

Freelance Developer - (2012 - 2014)

Freelance web developer. Working with various clients, developing websites and web apps using Python and Django as main framework.

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